Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of a Gather space? 

A: Costs start as low as $500 for our ready made spaces and $2,500 for custom designed spaces, but vary based on your needs and requirements, please contact us to receive a quote.

Q: How long does it take to design a customized Gather space?  

A: Time varies depending on how much customization you want. If you like our basic options with a few added logos to a standard space, those changes can be made quickly. If you’re looking for specific themes, color palettes, or new layouts, those will take longer. We will work with you to determine what customizations are possible within your timeline and budget.

Q: Do you offer standard Gather space or is every Gather space customized?

A: Every space involves some degree of customization. We do have several standard template spaces that we are happy to customize with small details like your company logos or we can design a new space from scratch.

New! We’re now offering a small selection of maps ready for purchase so you can get up and running with your Gather.town event in less than 24 hours! Learn more and purchase HERE!

Q: Can we keep and reuse our Gather space?  

A: If you opt for AMS Event Services to create a custom space designed for your event it becomes yours to re-use as often as you like. We also offer pre-designed spaces that can be rented on a single/multi use basis. Contact us to learn more.

Q: When can we access our space?

A: Depending on your timeline and with allowance for enough design and build time, we offer early access to your space so that you can rehearse and prepare for your event.

Q: What security features does Gather offer? 

A: Gather offers several types of access protections. Your space can be protected with a password, access for only one email domain, or a guest list of whitelisted email addresses. Additionally, once you’re actively using the space, any individual user can be blocked or banned if necessary. More details about Gather’s privacy policy, user data information, and data encryption can be found on Gather’s website

Q: Are there any limits on attendees at our Gather event? 

A: Gather offers several pricing tiers and each support a different maximum number of concurrent users. The largest events can hold several thousand concurrent users. We will work with you to determine what pricing and attendance options will be best for your event. 

Q: How does Gather work for a hybrid meeting? 

A: Gather is a great way to replicate the “hallway” experience that can be had at an in-person meeting, so any attendee who logs in and moves their avatar around can connect with people, regardless of whether they are in their home office or also present physically in a conference center. And as long as any in-person meetings are also recorded and broadcast with a video conferencing tool, your Gather participants can join right alongside. 

Q: Does Gather integrate with teleconference technology? 

A: Yes! In your Gather space, we can embed links to teleconference sessions on all major platforms (Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Teams, etc). 

Q: How do attendees register to attend an event on Gather? 

A: There are many ways to set up your registration, and we can help you with all of them. You can email a Gather URL to a list of participants you’ve already established or publish it on your website. 

Q: Can you explain how individual and group interaction works?

A: Gather uses a proximity-based video chat, so as your avatar moves within range of another user’s avatar, you’ll be able to see and hear them. Ad hoc conversations can work well for about a dozen people. You can move your avatar out of “hearing distance” whenever you like, and move between conversation groups easily. Gather also has private space features, where anyone within a designated area (like a room or around a table) can hear each other regardless of how close their avatars are. Most of our spaces contain a mix of open space and designated private group areas.

Q: Troubleshooting for sound and audio issues?

A: The Gather website has several great tips or troubleshooting, please go to https://support.gather.town/help/troubleshooting-and-faq

Q: There are lots of great features that moderators and guests can use, can you offer a pre-event tutorial on navigating the space?

A: Yes! From sending broadcast messages to screen sharing to removing unwanted visitors, we are happy to share key tips and tricks for navigating your event to a smooth success.

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